Traffic Unit

Traffic Unit

The Traffic Unit of the Hospital Dr. Gálvez is in charge of the integral attention to the injured in a traffic accident, who need quality health care for the total recovery or stabilization of their injuries.

The team of professionals that integrates this unit comes from various specialties and allows a complete treatment to the patient: Traumatologists, Physicians Rehabilitators, Emergency Physicians, Doctors Valuing Body Damage, and Physiotherapists, to an administrative team expert in this area.

The Hospital Dr. Gálvez has agreements with the main insurance companies allowing a complete assistance to the patient. The Hospital Traffic Unit has all the necessary equipment for the development of a comprehensive health care: 24-hour emergency room, physiotherapy room, RNM, radiology, CT, hospital admission, etc. No waiting and no cost to the patient.

The patient who has suffered a traffic accident is usually present a series of frequently asked questions about their behavior in these cases. In the Traffic Unit we respond to the most common to facilitate the advice to the patient:

1. I had an accident, what should I do?

It is essential to go to the Emergency Department. At the Hospital Dr. Gálvez you will be treated in our Emergency Department, avoiding the waiting times that often occur in other centers.

If you have already gone to the Emergency Department of another center, ask for an appointment in our Unit to continue with the non-urgent medical attention.

2. Do I need to wait for instructions from my company?

No, it is not necessary. By being in agreement with the main insurers, you can choose us as a center for your treatment. We will make the necessary arrangements.

3. Will I have to make some kind of payment?

No, the insurance company will be responsible for the treatment of their injuries, without ever costing the patient.

4. Who can be served?

Vehicle occupants: always

Driver: If there is another vehicle involved in the accident

Pedestrian / cyclist: always (providing vehicle data)

5. I suffered the accident during my work day or on the way, how should I act?

When that produces an accident in which labor and traffic coincide, the circumstances of the traffic prevail, so the insurance company of the vehicle is responsible for the precise treatment.

6. What documentation is necessary?

The accident or police report is essential. Also have the valid insurance receipt of our vehicle. You must provide the emergency report. The rest of the documentation will be delivered to our center.