Pneumology is the speciality concerned with the study and treatment of diseases in the respiratory systems and lungs. In their mild form, respiratory diseases are the most common.

The Pneumology Service at Hospital Dr. Gálvez aims to offer a comprehensive service for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of lung and respiratory system diseases. We provide attention to patients with acute and chronic respiratory disease, in outpatient consultations and in hospitalization.

Our Pneumology Unit has the resources and professionals necessary to attend patients with respiratory failure from the stable phase to the most critical phase. It has prestigious specialists in diverse aspects of pneumology.

To offer an exact diagnosis and apply the appropriate treatment, the pneumologist carries out a full study of the patient, examining his/her clinical records, carrying out the appropriate physical examination as well as the necessary complementary tests.

In the Pneumology Unit at Hospital Dr. Gálvez, we carry out diverse studies on diseases of the respiratory system:

  • Diagnosis and treatment of respiratory diseases associated with tobacco: emphysema, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).
  • Diagnosis and treatment of airway diseases: bronchial asthma.
  • Diagnosis of lung cancer.
  • Diagnosis of respiratory sleep disorders: daytime sleepiness, obstructive apnea and hypo-apnea sleep syndrome, snoring…
  • Pleura Diseases: pleuritis, pleural effusion.
  • Quitting Smoking.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of chronic coughing.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of contagious diseases: bronchiectasis, bacterial pneumonia, tuberculosis.

The complementary tests related to respiratory system disorders that we perform are:

  • FeENO (nitric oxide)
  • Respiratory polygraph.
  • Fibrobronchoscopy.
  • Spirometry with bronchodilator test.
  • Volume flow curves.
  • Pleural biopsy.
  • Quit Smoking Programme: in order to offer personalised and comprehensive treatment for the patient, our Pneumology Unit works in conjunction with the rest of the specialities at Hospital Dr. Gálvez.