Paediatrics is the medical speciality responsible for the prevention and treatment of health problems in children, from conception to adolescence.

This speciality covers the period of growth, maturity and biological, physical and social development of both healthy children and those suffering from various conditions.

The Pediatrics Service at Hospital Dr. Gálvez provides comprehensive care for children from birth to adolescence. One of the centre\’s objectives is to integrate families in the process so as not to separate children from their parents and avoid pain and anxiety during procedures. Likewise, the unit is constantly updating its diagnosis and therapeutic processes to offer the best service.

Medical Consultation

A full team of professionals specialised in paediatrics individually monitors the evolution of the child\’s health.

24-hour Emergency Service

At Hospital Dr. Gálvez, we have an Emergency Service that offers paediatric attention 24 hours a day, as well as the latest techniques and the most advanced treatments for childcare.

Control and administration of the vaccination calendar

Nursing and care of newborns during birth

Continued and individual nursing and care in caesareans and deliveries with guides and action protocols.

Neonatal control in the hospital\’s post-natal unit

48 hours after birth, we perform a check up of the new born baby, including tests for metabolopathies, otoacoustic emissions to ensure that the baby hears properly. These tests are carried out during the new-born baby\’s first check-up.