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International patient in Spain

Hospital Galvez has right from the start been fully committed to provide its patients with the very highest standards in healthcare. Our hospital is the leading hospital in Málaga city, covering all medical and surgical specialties.

Hospital Galvez remains faithful to its core values; research, advanced specialisation, best technological equipment and prestigious professionals. We are a benchmark in healthcare in the city and our goal is to ensure our patients receive a 24/7 fully international, personalised and comprehensive service. Our international staff members that all together speak over 6 different languages accompany the patients throughout their visit, always maintaining a deep respect and understanding for cultural diversity.

We are patient-oriented, a philosophy based on experience and the pillars that have made us a Málaga benchmark in healthcare.

We cooperate with all countries that are committed to quality medicine and long-term cooperation.

If you are a doctor and you are on search for alternative treatments for your patients, our medical team is who you need to contact. You can do so via….

Our commitment is to ensure that our medical teams have access to the latest technologies and innovations in medicine. This is one of our core values and along with our prestigious medical team and best technological equipment it has made us a reference in healthcare. We are continuously on watch for any breakthroughs that occur in the field of medical-technological progress. This enables us to provide ourpatients with best personalised and modern treatments.

#1 in research applied to the patient

Research is one of our core values and as such we incorporate the results obtained and the knowledge gained in each unit and area within the hospital. Our medical team makes sure the patients are treated according to the latest breakthroughs, making it possible for them to receive a quality service.

University students that choose to practice at our hospital will be supervised and guided by our team of doctors and teachers with the highest qualifications. We also welcome doctors from all over the world who wish to complete their studies at our hospital.

#1 in installations and facilities

Right next to the cathedral, our hospital is a beautiful and totally refurbished 19thcentury building which has 5000 m2 extended over four floors. It is home to the most modern hospital facilities, which are equipped with the latest technology in hospitalization, emergency services, intensive care units, radiology, operating rooms, delivery rooms and an assisted reproduction center.

In order to offer our patients the maximum comfort, our hospital has 50 single rooms and 3 suites, all equipped with TV, telephone and free Wi-Fi. As a distinction of quality, we also have a restaurant service with a complete and traditional Malaga/Mediterranean menu. This, along with the exquisite attention of our qualified staff, makes our patients feel at home.

Our founder, Dr Gálvez Ginachero, was able to imbue the Hospital with a professional but also human and spiritual atmosphere. That is why we have a chapel offering daily religious services, as well as a priest who visits patients and relatives who so request.

From Hospital Galvez we understand we must play a role in supporting international patients by seeking to build as many ties as possible with their countries of origin, so as to facilitate them the access to our medical treatments.

If you are an expatriate such as a diplomat, an employee of any international company, a student over on an exchangeprogram or a tourist who requires medical assistance at some point during your stay in Malaga we will be your best option as medical provider.​​

Our experience with many international medical insurance companies will facilitate your medical assistance as well. Our exclusive and personalised international patient department is at your disposal 24/7/365 with a dedicated email and telephone line where you will be assisted in an efficient way, trying to solve your queries as soon as possible.

International patient mobility driven by access to more prestigious medical treatments and diagnoses and at a most affordable price is registering continuous growth. This phenomenon, commonly known as health tourism​, positions our hospital in a privileged position due to its extended international experience and the highest professional standards. This encourages us to further improve not only our international patient care protocols, but also to continue seeking agreements and cooperation with other countries in order to expose the advanced

specialisation of our services and facilitate better access to those services for our patients.

Hospital Galvez​ has a long-standing experience as it has been treating many international patients for many years who come from all over the world. These international patients may come to us from their country of residence for a second medical opinion​, attracted by the prestige of medicine in Spain, by our professional specialists, our advanced technologies and the well-recognised quality of our healthcare services, or they may be expatriates, such as diplomats from the different embassies located in the country, employees of international companies, or students who are over on an exchange program. We also assist a great amount of tourists​ who have required medical assistance at some point during their trip.

Hospital Gálvez offers a patient oriented vision of medicine. For this reason, each patient has a medical team created specially based on the patient´s illness, guaranteeing that each professional on the team is the best in their specialised field.

​Please provide as much medical information as possible. Our team will reply within 48-72 hours according to the degree of specialisation. You will receive a detailed costs estimate for the requested services.

Once the patients arrive at our hospital, our multilingual employees will meet them at the reception  and accompany them throughout the whole process in coordination with the whole hospital. All services and procedures are carried out directly, quickly and efficiently, so that the patient feels safe and secure and there is no potential language barrier between the doctor and the patient. After their visit, patients receive all their medical records in a clear and efficient way.

Likewise, whenever required, we will ensure that the patient´s doctor at home, family members or healthcare insurance providers are duly and constantly informed of the patient´s medical evolution​.