Hair Dermatology and Hair Transplant

Hair Dermatology and Hair Transplant

At Hospital Dr. Gálvez we have developed a new unit for Hair Dermatology and Hair Transplants. With this service, we put at your disposal a series of different techniques to get the look you want or to recover your original hair quantity. The process is very simple, after your first consultation or request, our team will inform you of the best hair transplant technique for your case, and will give you all the details about it in order to make the most appropriate decision.

What are the advantages of Hair Transplants compared to other methods?

In recent years the process of hair transplantation has advanced significantly. A few years ago, it was considered an aggressive technique and the results were artificial. However, with the use of Folicular Units (UF’s), the techniques have improved a lot, as well as the perception of this type of transplants, which are positioned as non-invasive and results of which are undetectable and give a sense of naturalness.

Thus, the main advantages of this method are three:

· It is a permanent solution

· The final result is undetectable

· Completely natural appearance

There actually aren´t any specific reasons to why one should go to a Hair Transplant Clinic, it is a personal choice. If you have got any doubts, we will guide you through the entire process, make the diagnosis and evaluate the treatment as well as the possibilities in each case.

Our team of professionals are specialized in the two hair transplant techniques: “Tira” and “FUE”. The main difference between the two lies in the method of extracting the follicular units from the donor area. In fact, in some cases, we combine both techniques to maximize the surface of the donor area and offer the patient as much hair as possible.


Technical “Strip”

The capillary graft technique known as the Tira technique has been the traditional method of hair transplantation in recent years. It consists of the extraction of a band of scalp that extends from the back and side of the head. The donor area is sutured (Trichophytic Suture) leaving a practically invisible line through which the hair grows. With the technique “Strip”, the healing after the capillary graft depends on the characteristics and conditions of the patient.

Technique “FUE”

The technique “FUE” consists of extracting individually Follicular Units (UF) using a punch, or perforating instrument, of reduced diameter (between 0.8-1 mm). This tool surrounds the UF in such a way that the follicle is completely removed from the scalp. The extraction is relatively slow in comparison with the technique “Strip”, although they can be extracted and implanted between 1000 and 1500 UF’s in a single day.

This technique is especially indicated for those with small alopecias, or even for those who have had previous interventions in the donor area and this could have been damaged. Advanced alopecias can also be treated with this technique, but you must have a donor area with a density above the average, as well as good capillary characteristics.

At Hospital Dr. Gálvez, our mission is to put at your disposal the most advanced techniques in hair transplantation and artistic design, offering you the highest level of care, attention and professionalism.