"Nos enseñaron a cuidarte"


Allergology is the medical speciality that consists of the diagnosis and treatment of allergy based pathologies.

At our centre, all types of allergic pathologies are handled in a quality and safe environment for the patient. Through a detailed case history and the performance of complementary tests, our professionals make a diagnosis and establish the most appropriate treatment.

The services offered by the Allergology Unit at Hospital Dr. Gálvez are applicable to both adults and children:

A –  Medical Visit

  • First Visit and Outpatient Examination
  • First Visit and Inpatient Examination

B.- In Vivo Diagnostic Tests

a) Etiology Tests

  • Prick test with inhalant, food, medication, occupational allergens and pan-allergens
  • Intradermal Reaction to drugs and insect poison
  • Epicutaneous Testing (Patch Test) with contact allergens included in the standard Spanish bacteria by the Spanish Research Group into Contact Dermatitis (consult beforehand for others)
  • Specific Provocation Tests with Allergens:
  • Visually: with inhalant allergens
  • Orally: with food or drugs Without Tools
  • With Tools: With Bronchial or Nasal Respiratory Control With Cardio-respiratory Monitoring (inpatient)
  • Others (Latex Glove Test)
  • Test Physical Urticaria Exposure Tests: Dermatographic tests with an ice cube, etc.

b) Pulmonary Function

  • Tests  Simple Spirometry
  • Test Forced Spirometry
  • Test Bronchodilator
  • Test Active Anterior Rhinomanometry with Rhinoresistometry
  • Nasal Dilator Test
  • Non-specific Bronchial Provocation Test:
  • With Exercise
  • With Mannitol (Osmohale®)

c) Inflammometric Tests

  • Determination of Fractional Exhaled Nitric Oxide (FeNO)
  • Determination of Nasal Nitric Oxide

d) Others

  • Sweat Test

C.- Therapeutic Tests

  • Administration of Conventional Immunotherapy
  • Administration of Cluster Immunotherapy
  • Administration of Xolair® (Omalizumab